Friday, December 19, 2008


2009: Knit from Your Shelf

What a great idea this is! I have lots of books I have yet to knit from. I will need to get into the wool room and see what is first. Next week I'll look...Honest I will. (o;
And...maybe I can use up all my stash.

The information and idea came from here-

Friday, October 24, 2008

Golden Retriever

Yup! I am spinning Golden Retriever and it is spinning beautifully! I just need more time to sit and spin. Maybe November 5,6 & 7 when I go to school for the Post Office.........and I will need to bring the 2 knitting projects I am working on for 2 customers. School & knitting. A combination I can live with. Especially when I get paid for both. (o;

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Knitting, but not posting

I am knitting up a storm, but have not taken any pictures. )o: I do plan on doing that this week. Have a great day all!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Come see our knitting, and the rest of our products, this weekend. It is the VT Sheep & Wool festival's 20th anniversary and we will be there!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

March UFO's

In my bag for this month (now that the month is officially half over) is a purple lace poncho, and DK weight cable poncho and the Shy Sheep vest.

I pulled out the Shy Sheep and balled up my skeined (handspun) green and white merino yarns. Then I sat down and started to read the pattern. Now technically this is not a UFO, but it has been lounging around for a long time and therefore was designated as such. I do not know if I am ready to tackle this project at this time so it may go into a later dated bag. I am only slightly familiar with shadow knitting, having only done it once. The vest is knit from side to side with lots of shaping and you need to figure out when to incorporate the sheep. I think I will do a swatch (did I say that out loud and did any one hear me???) of the sheep section before I tackle the whole vest.

So instead I started on the lace purple poncho. I started this in the summer of 2005 and it got laid aside when life got in the way. I picked it back up last year and proceeded to knit the wrong row. 200+ stitches of lace weight yarn. While DH and I watched TV the other night, I carefully tinked back to the beginning of the row. He has learned not to interrupt when I am tinking.....frogging yes, tinking no. (o; Now I need to read my written pattern and compare it to the knitted pattern and figure out where I am. (Note to self-Use pen on the copy of the pattern to mark where you've been, not pencil.)
The pattern for this came from the summer issues of a long ago INKnitters. It is called Lacy Linen Poncho and was designed by Merrily Parker. It is supposed to be knit in 100% linen, but any one who knows me knows that I don't always do what I am supposed to do.

The other poncho will have to wait until I find the rest of the yarn in that same dye lot. Hopefully I did not sell it. )o; Usually I have all my yarn and needles and the pattern all in the one bag, generally a Ziploc bag, so all I have to do is grab it and go. I don't know where my head was on this project.

Pictures at a later time.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Project A Long update

Well, I've made no progress on the Twyla sweater. 15 lambs in 10 days kind of did me in.........

The Boyfriend's Sweater was ripped out. Leave it to me not to make a swatch. I messed up the patterning 4" into the sweater and took it off the needles to frog it back. I then discovered that the sweater was going to be 6-7" too big!!! :o(

So, the Shetland has been repurposed into a shawl. The Chill out Hybrid Shawl by Candace Eisner Strick. Our spinning group learned to knit this shawl with Candace Strick at one of our member's homes.

The designer's website-

One place to buy the kit-

You call also call my friend Sue at Hodgepodge Yarns & Fibers at 603-863-1470 and buy the kit from her. Just tell her Cindy sent you. (o; Or email her at

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project A Long

One of my favorite Yahoo! groups, the Christian Artisans, is holding a project-a-long. It is a project that is supposed to be just for me. I am doing two of them at the same time. One of the girls (women) pointed out the project she is doing from Berocco, the Twyla sweater, so of course I had to try that one. And I am doing the Boyfriend Sweater from Cast On magazine.

These were my answers for this week to the Project A Long. Which, by the way, started on the 18th of February. So I am only a week+ late......

As always I am behind the 8 ball. We had a death, a birth, a major snowstorm and had to deliver MIL to aiport at the tail end of said snowstorm. Thankful her departure time was early enough that the only traffic on the road were the cleanup crews.

How did you do this week? I did not start the boyfriend sweater until this week, but I got a lot of the ribbing done on our trip to and from the airport. I've got most of my wool spun for the crocheted sweater that Charlotte (I believe) is doing from Berocco.

Did you meet your project goals? I am working on it.

Did you learn anything new? Yes. I have carded lots of things together, but I have never used something prespun before. That was interesting.

Did you have any challenges? Yes. I learned that in order to get the prespun yarn onto the carder, it had to go on the big drum and not the little drum (licker on).

Do you like how it is going so far? Yes on both projects.

What do you hope to accomplish during the upcoming week? To finish spinning for the crocheted sweater and get that one started.

The Twyla sweater-
For this I carded some dark Romney, threw in some Turquoise Border/Blue faced Leicester, added some prespun silk yarn pieces and a little firestar. I have a bobbin full of that spun up, and am now spinning a bobbin full of a little gray Romney which will be plied with the first bobbin.

The Boyfriend's Sweater- From Cast On magazine, February/April 2008, page 56. Designed by Carole Powell. I am knitting this from Fionnualla, a Shetland lamb whose fleece processing I chronicled earlier in my blog.

If you click on the header, it will bring you to the Christian Artisans. For there, you can decide if this is someplace you want and need to be. I know I do. It is a great group of Christian women (and one man) upholding each other in prayer, chatting with one another, and offering advice as needed/requested. To me, it is my family. I really depend on these women to keep me accountable, to pray for me, and to allow me to pray for them.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I joined two more groups today. They both made sense at the time, and maybe I can join the two.
Stash burning 2008. That will finish up Knit from your stash 2007. Maybe................... Especially if I use said stash to knit with the Mitten-a-month along.

These links will only work for those of you actually in Ravelry!!

Oh yeah!! I need more projects! Like another hole in my head. But at least mittens are one of those things that I can knit in between the bigger projects, or when that particular shawl is giving me a hard time, or when I finish something and are not ready to finish the next thing, or, or............... Oh, my!!

And if you are in ravelry, check me out. I am eweandifarm. Surprised? LOL