Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project A Long

One of my favorite Yahoo! groups, the Christian Artisans, is holding a project-a-long. It is a project that is supposed to be just for me. I am doing two of them at the same time. One of the girls (women) pointed out the project she is doing from Berocco, the Twyla sweater, so of course I had to try that one. And I am doing the Boyfriend Sweater from Cast On magazine.

These were my answers for this week to the Project A Long. Which, by the way, started on the 18th of February. So I am only a week+ late......

As always I am behind the 8 ball. We had a death, a birth, a major snowstorm and had to deliver MIL to aiport at the tail end of said snowstorm. Thankful her departure time was early enough that the only traffic on the road were the cleanup crews.

How did you do this week? I did not start the boyfriend sweater until this week, but I got a lot of the ribbing done on our trip to and from the airport. I've got most of my wool spun for the crocheted sweater that Charlotte (I believe) is doing from Berocco.

Did you meet your project goals? I am working on it.

Did you learn anything new? Yes. I have carded lots of things together, but I have never used something prespun before. That was interesting.

Did you have any challenges? Yes. I learned that in order to get the prespun yarn onto the carder, it had to go on the big drum and not the little drum (licker on).

Do you like how it is going so far? Yes on both projects.

What do you hope to accomplish during the upcoming week? To finish spinning for the crocheted sweater and get that one started.

The Twyla sweater-
For this I carded some dark Romney, threw in some Turquoise Border/Blue faced Leicester, added some prespun silk yarn pieces and a little firestar. I have a bobbin full of that spun up, and am now spinning a bobbin full of a little gray Romney which will be plied with the first bobbin.

The Boyfriend's Sweater- From Cast On magazine, February/April 2008, page 56. Designed by Carole Powell. I am knitting this from Fionnualla, a Shetland lamb whose fleece processing I chronicled earlier in my blog.

If you click on the header, it will bring you to the Christian Artisans. For there, you can decide if this is someplace you want and need to be. I know I do. It is a great group of Christian women (and one man) upholding each other in prayer, chatting with one another, and offering advice as needed/requested. To me, it is my family. I really depend on these women to keep me accountable, to pray for me, and to allow me to pray for them.