Monday, January 14, 2008


I joined two more groups today. They both made sense at the time, and maybe I can join the two.
Stash burning 2008. That will finish up Knit from your stash 2007. Maybe................... Especially if I use said stash to knit with the Mitten-a-month along.

These links will only work for those of you actually in Ravelry!!

Oh yeah!! I need more projects! Like another hole in my head. But at least mittens are one of those things that I can knit in between the bigger projects, or when that particular shawl is giving me a hard time, or when I finish something and are not ready to finish the next thing, or, or............... Oh, my!!

And if you are in ravelry, check me out. I am eweandifarm. Surprised? LOL