Thursday, March 19, 2009

Knit from your shelf 2009-continued

This is what I started to knit in January for the Knit from your shelf 2009 challenge. Needless to say, I got bored and it got set aside... )o:
I have started binding off for the cap of the sleeve, but haven't finished...yet. Jerry has to shear this Sunday, so this will come with me to get finished. Maybe I will have time to start on the fronts while we are on the road.

I have not stopped knitting though. I am working on socks from 3 of our yarn lines and I am knitting through my wool stash (commercial yarn) making hats and toys.

My kettle dyed worsted weight wool yarn. I started with 400 yards and got one pair of socks for Jerry and I believe I will have the same size socks for me when it is done. I did these both toe up with different heels. Jerry's socks went into the wash (hot wash/cold rinse) with the laundry and survived without shrinking. They just softened up and look slightly 'furry' compared to the one in process.
My wool/llama worsted weight yarn. Natural colored and dyed.
My kettle dyed wool/mohair sock yarn.
My hand dyed wool/nylon sock yarn.
3 of the socks from our own yarn that I need to finish.

One of my 'green' grocery bags. Right now it is holding the socks that need to be finished. Jerry will be shearing a lot soon, so this bag will sit in the Jeep and I will finish them up during shearing season.
Hats are something I can do in my sleep and work well when stuck in the car. And they are something I will sell at my Farmer's Markets.
This is a new to me book that was not (yet) on my shelf. But, they are things that I've not knit before (toys), and I needed something different to do. Garter stitch is one of those boring things, but great for down time, which is something I need right now.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

knitting socks with our kettle dyed worsted weight yarn

A couple of years ago I dyed a bunch of my worsted weight yarn that Zeilinger's Wool Company spun for us straight off the cone. This particular cone, after dyed, weighed 1# 12.2 oz. I had it for sale for the last few years, thinking it would make someone a great sweater.
Well...I decided to start knitting socks for Jerry and I from our yarns (all 5 lines!) and writing patterns as I go. I skeined off 400 yards from the main skein to knit these socks. I used a toe cast on that I used to use, but had gotten away from in going with the flow of the rest of the toe up knitters who use the figure 8 cast on. Nothing against this cast on! It does look nice, but mine looks nicer. (o;
I also decided to use the traditional heel flap, instead of the usual short row heel, in reverse. It looks good and fits wonderfully.
I started out with 12.6 oz and 400 yards. The sock weighs 5.9 oz and the left over is 6.7 oz. It is 10 1/4" from toe to heel and an 8" cuff.
I will be making another pair from the left over for myself. I plan to do the same toe and heel, but I will be doing something a little different. Stayed tuned.
OH! There are 2 skeins of this yarn for sale at etsy.