Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fingerless gloves

I was requested to make a pair of fingerless gloves for Jennifer Carson, the Dragon Charmer. They were made with a thick & thin cotton yarn. They have 'tendrils' on each of the openings. The pattern will be available someday...I will let y'all know when and where. (o;

They look much better on Jennifer!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Knit from your shelf 2009 on hold

I've not had time to work on the sweater I started as I have been busy spinning and knitting for others. And...I may have another knitting gig coming up. These are all paying jobs, so those come first and I come last.

BUT....2010 is my year. The Shetland fleeces and roving is yelling my name from the walk in cedar closet, and all the knitting I've put on hold is calling also.

So. I guess it will end up being Knit from your shelf 2010 for me. I was so hoping to keep up with this. )o:

Your Socks Say You're Alluring

You Are:

- Quite dazzling

- A lively person

- Known as exciting

- Warm and open

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I am going to try spinning some of my mohair according to her directions. When life slows down again that is. Winter is coming......

This website is a wealth of information about mohair!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Knit from your shelf 2009-continued

This is what I started to knit in January for the Knit from your shelf 2009 challenge. Needless to say, I got bored and it got set aside... )o:
I have started binding off for the cap of the sleeve, but haven't finished...yet. Jerry has to shear this Sunday, so this will come with me to get finished. Maybe I will have time to start on the fronts while we are on the road.

I have not stopped knitting though. I am working on socks from 3 of our yarn lines and I am knitting through my wool stash (commercial yarn) making hats and toys.

My kettle dyed worsted weight wool yarn. I started with 400 yards and got one pair of socks for Jerry and I believe I will have the same size socks for me when it is done. I did these both toe up with different heels. Jerry's socks went into the wash (hot wash/cold rinse) with the laundry and survived without shrinking. They just softened up and look slightly 'furry' compared to the one in process.
My wool/llama worsted weight yarn. Natural colored and dyed.
My kettle dyed wool/mohair sock yarn.
My hand dyed wool/nylon sock yarn.
3 of the socks from our own yarn that I need to finish.

One of my 'green' grocery bags. Right now it is holding the socks that need to be finished. Jerry will be shearing a lot soon, so this bag will sit in the Jeep and I will finish them up during shearing season.
Hats are something I can do in my sleep and work well when stuck in the car. And they are something I will sell at my Farmer's Markets.
This is a new to me book that was not (yet) on my shelf. But, they are things that I've not knit before (toys), and I needed something different to do. Garter stitch is one of those boring things, but great for down time, which is something I need right now.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

knitting socks with our kettle dyed worsted weight yarn

A couple of years ago I dyed a bunch of my worsted weight yarn that Zeilinger's Wool Company spun for us straight off the cone. This particular cone, after dyed, weighed 1# 12.2 oz. I had it for sale for the last few years, thinking it would make someone a great sweater.
Well...I decided to start knitting socks for Jerry and I from our yarns (all 5 lines!) and writing patterns as I go. I skeined off 400 yards from the main skein to knit these socks. I used a toe cast on that I used to use, but had gotten away from in going with the flow of the rest of the toe up knitters who use the figure 8 cast on. Nothing against this cast on! It does look nice, but mine looks nicer. (o;
I also decided to use the traditional heel flap, instead of the usual short row heel, in reverse. It looks good and fits wonderfully.
I started out with 12.6 oz and 400 yards. The sock weighs 5.9 oz and the left over is 6.7 oz. It is 10 1/4" from toe to heel and an 8" cuff.
I will be making another pair from the left over for myself. I plan to do the same toe and heel, but I will be doing something a little different. Stayed tuned.
OH! There are 2 skeins of this yarn for sale at etsy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ravelry and stash knit down 2009

If you belong to Ravelry and have a stash, like I do, you should consider joining this group. There is a personal sock club 2009 that I personnally will do this year. This is an excerpt from the moderator-For those of you who are new to this, the idea is that you package up sock yarn from stash and a pattern for each month of the year. Put each project into a plain, unmarked paper bag such as a lunch bag, seal it up, and pick one on the first of the month. Voila! A sock surprise!

I think I will work on that this week while watching TV with my husband. I probably have enough for 2 a month.........And this will work with the knit from your shelf project as well. I have lots of sock books that I have purchased and not knit from. Hmmm............I can 'kill 2 birds with one stone'.

It is only the 13th of January and I am already on my 3rd sock. I knit a 'vanilla' pair for me of 1 ply handspun wool and 1 ply handspun baby alpaca, knit toe up. I needed a warm pair for work. I need to tuck my ends in and throw them into the washer for a slight felting. I am also working on a 'vanilla' toe up pair that were meant for my husband from our home grown mill spun worsted weight yarn. I increased to 44 stitches and merrily knit along. By the time I got to the heel they were too wide and too long. They may either go into the washer to felt down, or go up for sale for those with bigger feet than ours. I am in the process of finishing off the top of the sock and will cast on the 2nd one today. Pictures will come later.

Knit from your shelf 2009

The first book on shelf that I am going to start knitting from this month is Lisa Lloyd's 'a fine fleece'. It is a book dedicated to knitting with handspun yarn. I am going to make espresso, on page 58. I need to look in my stash and see if I have enough handspun for this, or if I will spin up the Blue faced Leicester lamb's fleece I just got back from the mill. Or if I will use up some of our home grown, mill spun yarn. Decisions.

It calls for a worsted weight yarn, which means I would have to spin a 3 ply in order to get it thick enough. My mill spun is worsted weight..............hmm. And size 3 and 5 needles. The gauge is 22 stitches and 28 rows=4" (10 cm). Guess I am going to have to knit a swatch.

You can get the book here-
or here-,+Knitting+with+Handspun+Yarns_BD31024.html